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Why Most Women Shouldn’t Get Breast Implants (And It’s Not A Health Reason) – Or – It’s Not The Size of A Woman’s Breasts That Matters It’s….

I read in the news the other day that the average US woman’s bra size had increased from a B cup to a DD cup in the last 20 years. Now, not all of this is due to implants and Americans gaining weight in general, a lot is due to heightened awareness that women shouldn’t squeeze themselves into too small bras1.

But this leads me into talking about the “breast implant” trend which I find to be a rather disturbing trend. Over the last 20 years or so breast implants have increased from the 250cc range to the 500cc range2.  This leads me to believe that a lot of women are under the mistaken idea that men like big breasted women.


Yes, mistaken!

I had a beautiful young sex partner that I was seeing for the last year who had almost perfectly shaped B cup breasts when I met her. She has had two implant surgeries (she first increased to a C cup and then a second surgery to a DD cup). The C cup was ok (still not natural) but now at DD she no longer looks as good to me naked as she used to, and the DD breasts are not as fun to touch and play with. She is no longer that beautiful young sex partner to me. She wrecked the aesthetic.

So let me clear this up right now. Men like beautiful women. Breasts are only one part of  the overall beauty of a woman. For secure and confident men it is ONE of the factors comprising beauty – not the only one.  For insecure, unconfident men …well, that’s another story…. Poll of Men

Big breasts sometimes look beautiful when they are inside a bra and on fully clothed women, but have you ever seen a naked woman with big breasts? They are usually droopy, ugly, stretch-marked and sweaty. And the artificial ones, though not droopy, just don’t quite look or feel right. Personally, I don’t like making love to cartoon characters.

I still remember the first time I saw a big breasted woman I thought was pretty. She was a neighbor. She had all her clothes on and she looked pretty good. Then I accidentally saw her completely naked one day. I was 16…. It was scary.

I learned my lesson quickly….Pleasingly plump, as they called it back then, wasn’t so pleasing… naked!

Here is the problem, girls, you always hear women say, “After I got implants, I started getting so much more attention from men”.

I have news for you girls, attention does not equal “attraction”. And even more importantly, attention doesn’t always equal “attention from the kind of man whose attention you desire”.

Take me for instance, I honestly am not attracted to big breasted women, but if I see one on the street, in the mall, do they get my attention? Will I look?

Sure I will!


Because its an oddity. It’s funny looking. It’s bold and maybe even sexy on certain women. It’s like a cartoon character. Even if it’s a “sexy” cartoon character, it’s still a cartoon character.

If a muscle bound body builder walks by I’ll look at him too, and so will most women. It doesn’t mean I am gay, that I am “attracted” to him, or want to have sex with him. And the majority of women who look at him are not attracted to and don’t want to have sex with him either. (Of course there is always a percentage of people who like what the majority of us don’t) Most of us look at the muscle bound body builder because it’s an oddity, it’s funny. He’s a cartoon character of sorts.

But do most of us also instantaneously see the “insecurity”, and the need to “over compensate” of these cartoon type characters? Yes, most of us do.

So let’s go back to the statement I made a few paragraphs ago. I said I don’t like big breasted women. That’s not entirely true. The truth is I like beautiful women. Always have. Always will. I don’t actually care if a woman is flat or Double D cup, as long as she is beautiful.

And I am talking NAKED beautiful, not fully clothed beautiful. If there is one thing about me that may be different from other men, it is that my girlfriends and sex partners are ALWAYS NAKED BEAUTIFUL!

Now when I say I don’t like big breasted women, it is more of a probability thing, than a dislike of size. The probability of a big breasted woman looking good with her clothes off is very low. So therefore when I see a big breasted woman, I am not that attracted as I know that the probability of her looking good with her clothes off is low.

You see, girls, it is not how big your breasts are that make them attractive and beautiful to a man, it is the SHAPE of the breast and the touch and feel and its relationship to the rest of the body that makes them beautiful, or not. Poll of Men

And believe it or not girls, breasts are not the first thing that most men look at or like as their favorite body part. Many studies have shown that most men notice the face and the smile before they notice a woman’s breasts3,4,5,6,7. Personally I look at a woman’s face and overall body shape and weight and proportion as my first qualification of beauty.

And what do I like?

Well I like it all, but skin, face, and overall body shape and size are probably my favorites.

And yes, sure when I look at a woman, I will notice breast size eventually, but I am not interested in big or even great breasts on a woman who is overweight or whose face I can’t appreciate. And I am not interested in overly large breasts on a woman with an otherwise beautiful face and proportion, as I know the probability of her usual and tactile aesthetic when I get her clothes off is low.

Truth of the matter is most big breasts are saggy, sweaty (under the fold) and out of proportion to the rest of the body to the point it looks ridiculous, or an indication that the woman may be overweight in other areas of her body that are held in by girdles, clothes, etc. And when a woman has implants, who knows where those nipples might end up!

Now, what are aesthetic breasts? Visually, they are breasts that stand out firmly, pointedly (not saggy or droopy) with nice skin tone and nice nipples. Tactilely they are breasts that are soft (not hard as a potato) and can be grasped and massaged by one hand (not two hands per breast!).

I like naked women. I have x-ray vision (so to speak) and I always pick a girl who I know will look better with her clothes off than she does with them on. I am rarely wrong. Big breasted women hardly ever pass my x-ray test.  I don’t like breasts that hang down to a woman’s waist and I don’t like artificial breasts that look like little round grapefruits or cantaloupes protruding unnaturally from a woman’s chest. (That is not the shape of naturally beautiful breasts.)

Now, as usual, the above is not true in all cases. I had a girlfriend who was a DD cup breast size that looked great with her clothes off, but her breasts were naturally pointy and firm and did not droop or have sweat pockets underneath them.

So you see it is the aesthetic of the breasts, not the size that matters.

It is the shape and feel of the breasts, not the size that matters.

Now let’s talk about guys in relation to “breast size”. I have known and communicated about women with lots of guys in my life. Guys love my taste in women.  And believe me, I know how guys think. I know what the average guy likes and dislikes and I also know how the average guy lies to women and to himself about what he really thinks.

The only guys I have met in my entire life who were fascinated with breast size and preoccupied with breasts above all other aesthetic points of beauty on a woman, have been “closet-gay” guys and shy/insecure guys – guys who were unsure about their own masculinity and lacked confidence in their own ability to meet and secure a girlfriend.

It is almost like guys who are unsure of or doubt their own masculinity and ability say what they think they are suppose to say if they are a man, they state the stereotypes and archetypes that men are suppose to say rather than saying what they really think.

Let me tell you a little secret about human psychology. When a guy himself feels like he can’t compete with other guys for the “hottest” women, he lowers his standards. He will go for whatever he can honestly get. After all, all he wants is “sex”!

Now if he is secure in his self image he won’t bother to lie about it. He will simply admit “I can’t get a girl like that.”  But if he is insecure, rather than admit he can’t get the girls he wants, he will start saying that he prefers these “cartoon character” type of girls – you know big booties and big breasts and other “oversized” variations – to save his own self image. He feels this lowered standard is easier for him to get and he hides his real desires to save face.  But truth be told all these guys  (and that includes my black and latin friends who supposedly like big booties and breasts) always make a point to compliment me and tell me how “hot” my girlfriends are no matter what they profess to others. Some have even confessed, “I wish I could get girls like that.”

But no matter what you look like or your breast size, you are better served by a boyfriend who is secure and confident in his own masculinity and ability in dealing with women, than an insecure unconfident guy who deals in stereotypes of what he thinks he is supposed to do and like.

So all you women out there with beautiful A,B, and C cup breasts ought to think twice about the “type” of guy you will start attracting if you get a “boob job” to get bigger breasts. You are going to attract a lot of insecure guys who are unsure about their own masculinity and who probably won’t appreciate you for your personality. Researchers have even shown that men who like smaller breast are more likely to settle down and men who like larger breasts are more likely to favor short term relationships8.

Is that the kind of guy you want to attract?

And what about the A, B, C cup women who say, “All the guys I date or all my boyfriends have said my boobs are too small”? Well that is simple, the problem is you are attracting the wrong type of guys. That is what you need to change – the type of guys you attract – NOT your boobs!

And that leads me into another tip girls, if you want to be sexy to attract the kind of man that you are interested in – be “selective sexy” not “general sexy”.

What’s the difference? “General sexy” is techniques that put “sexy” out there for every man to see. So showing off big boobs for example, low cut dresses showing off your cleavage, going without a bra, and showing or accentuating a lot of skin, bootie, or boobs or other sexy parts to every man who walks on by is “general sexy”. Get the idea? These are things that every man can see you doing. Problem is ALL of these techniques will attract the scummy, the “sex” interest only, the insecure type of men.

A quality man sees you doing this to all men and he immediately knows or assumes that you are insecure and desperate (why else would a girl be putting sexy out there for everyone to see) and he passes! Get it. He is not attracted even though he may look at it and consider it sexy.

General sexy defeats your purpose (unless you are desperate and don’t care what kind of man you get – if any man will do!). You’ll attract the scum and insecure men and you will blow away the quality, secure and confident men.

Now if you want a quality man, learn to be “selective sexy”. Selective sexy is when you target the kind of man that you want and only be sexy for him (or them if you are checking out more than one). So for example, you don’t wear that low cut top to work every day for all the guys to see, but when you go to lunch with that special guy, you feign you are a little warm and remove your buttoned up sweater, and reveal your low cut top. Poll of Men

Back to work and your sweater is back on, and this guy knows you are being sexy just for him. Now THIS WILL attract a quality guy. He gets the message, and it’s a message meant for him – not every guy on the block! He sees you as confident and seductive, not desperate!

The old girlfriend I mentioned above who had perfect DD cup breasts even when she was naked, didn’t show off her boobs to every man she met. In fact she routinely wore clothes to hide her larger breasts because she knew it would attract the wrong type of guy.  She was “selective sexy”.

If you want a QUALITY MAN, I can’t stress how important it is to be “selective sexy”.

Here are some facts ladies.

The majority of guys prefer women in the A to C cup range. Don’t believe me? Just Google “what size breasts do men prefer?” and check out the online forums9. You will see over and over again men don’t really care that much about breast size and/or prefer smaller breasts in the A to C range not the D, DD and larger range that girls who get implants seem to prefer.

But yet women who get implants are on a trend of larger and larger implants with implants sizes rising from 250cc in the late 1990s to almost 500cc currently2. With the most common complaint from women who have breast implants being, “I should have gotten them bigger.”

What do men notice about women right away that turn them off? For me it’s overly large disproportionate boobs, butt or lips, and other plastic surgery stuff. And polls have shown that men don’t like ugly feet and toenails, oversized heads, hair with roots that need dying, and ugly ears and teeth10.

5 Reasons you shouldn’t get implants to increase your breast size:

1) All those health concerns everyone else talks about.11, 12

2) Size is not needed to attract the kind of man you probably want to have a relationship with.

3) You will attract the wrong kind of guys – insecure non-relationship type of guys.

4) They won’t look that good naked (Even the good fake ones!)

5) You may end up looking like a cartoon character.

3 Good acceptable reasons to get breast implants/plastic surgery: Poll of Men

1) Well if a woman were totally flat and she just had no self esteem and she wanted to get implants to increase to an A or B cup size, it might be a good idea.

2) There is a small percentage of women who have A, B, C cup unaesthetic breasts. Some women with even small breasts are saggy, droopy, stretch-marked, etc. If a woman had low self esteem because of this issue and wanted to just change the shape (not necessarily the size of her breasts) and aesthetic of her breasts this would be another area of warranted plastic surgery.

3) Many larger breasted women need breast reduction surgery for health reasons as well as aesthetics. It is more common for larger breasted women to have saggy, droopy, sweaty, stretch-marked and generally unaesthetic breasts. Again if self esteem or aesthetic issues are paramount it is understandable that these women might want to go under the knife.

But other than that, breast implants to make a woman “bigger” is a deal breaker for me. I will have sex with a woman with implants but I don’t think I could marry a woman with implants. At least not one that had normal aesthetic breasts and had implants just to make them bigger. The fact that that she got them tells me a little bit about her own insecurity and that isn’t something I want in a marriage partner. And I certainly wouldn’t encourage my A, B, or C cup wife to go get implants for me to have something to show off to the fellows. Not at all!

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