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How To Make Love To A Woman (For your boyfriends, husbands, and lovers to read!)

How To Make Love To A Woman


Now this article, girls, is for your boyfriends, husbands, lovers.  If he is not quite satisfying you or if you just want to add a little more spice and variety to your love life, send them here to read this article or to our men’s website where we have detailed information on sexual technique. We even have mini-courses like: “How To Be a Great Lover.” “How To Be a Great Kisser.” and “Everything You Ever wanted to Know about Sex Positions .” And some FREE eBook compilations (THAT’S RIGHT I SAID FREE!)  like Foreplay!  and 500 Romantic Ideas and Body Language and Tantric Sex (a good book for women to learn basic Tantric Sex techniques too) and How To Find A Woman’s G Spot . Sexual technique is again a topic worthy of a book and indeed many a book has been written on the subject – Including our books for men – Sex! written by myself, and The ancient treatise The Karma Sutra (edited by myself).

But right here in this article, I am going to give your guys some general pointers and an example. The example contains some basic principles even more basic then the techniques we have on the website.

Love-making is sensuality. It involves the whole body not just genitals.

Pre – Session

1)      Foreplay –  Foreplay begins way before the sex act and the love making session. Flirt with your woman all day and both of you will be real turned on when you are ready to engage.

2)      Sobriety – I was 28 before I ever made love sober. Making love sober is a must. Alcohol makes a man slightly flaccid. If you don’t believe me. Try it. Make love to your woman  sober and inebriated. Ask her which one she likes best. If everything else is equal she will always pick sober over inebriated. Why? Because she will tell you, you are a lot harder when you are sober.

3)      Cleanliness- Having been with a lot of women, it makes a big difference when someone is clean and smells nice. Keep your hygiene in. Take a shower, clean your teeth, use deodorant, gargle, etc.

Example of a sensual love making session your woman will enjoy.

1)      Foreplay – now this is direct sexual foreplay  – kissing, touching, petting, etc. You have to do foreplay for at least an hour.  Touch, kiss, caress her entire body – not just the genitals. Women have many erogenous zones in addition to their breasts and their clitoris – Lips, scalp, hair, ears, neck, inner thighs, butt, and the back.

2)      Every women is different but I work may way up the erogenous zones. Start off with kissing the lips lightly and gently, work into making out with deep French kissing, massage the scalp and play with the hair while you are kissing her. Use your hands while kissing to tantalize her whole body. Play with her hands, her toes, lightly stroke her arms, her back. Withdraw from French kissing after doing it for a while (30-60 minutes) and begin to kiss her entire body with her clothes on. Talk to her occasionally as you kiss her. Whisper sweat nothings in her ear. Tell her how much you love her. Tell her how beautiful she is to you. (Keep the light talking going throughout your love making session.) Kiss her neck, her shoulders,  pull her top down over her shoulder to kiss her shoulders, its sexy and she’ll like it. Lift her top up to kiss her stomach. Move all over her body kiss her legs, her thighs, kiss her shins and her feet. Roll her over and kiss the back of her neck, her back, her buttocks, her legs, etc.

3)      Now begin to undress her as you kiss her. Open her blouse and kiss her all over her chest and her stomach, kiss her on her bra, pull her bra strap off her shoulder and kiss her shoulders, pull her bra down a little and kiss the top of her breasts, pull it down a little more and lick her nipples,  pop her breasts out of her bra cup and such her nipples.  After a while place her breast back in her bra and move to another spot. If she is wearing pants undue her zipper, pull her pants open slightly around the zipper and kiss her around her waistline and her pubic area. Kiss her legs with her pants on, kiss her between the legs with her pants on. If she is wearing a dress or a skirt, lift her skirt up and kiss her legs and thighs, kiss her waistline and her pubic area, kiss her between her legs. – Then move down to her feet kissing every part of her body all the while.

4)      Flip her over. Kiss the back of her neck, lift her shirt up and kiss her back. Now undue her bra and kiss her back some more. Kiss her butt with her panties on. After a while, if she is wearing pants now it is time to take them off. Roll her over, and pull them off of her. If she is wearing a skirt take her panties off, but leave her skirt on.  Now it is time to start giving her some oral sex. Reach and withdraw. Give her some oral sex, then go back to some French kissing, now humping her with your body as you kiss her. Kiss and suck on her breasts again. If she has multiple orgasms now is the time to give her, her first orgasm. Give her oral sex while using your finger to massage her g-spot at the same time. If she is a single orgasm woman, turn her on with oral sex, but withdraw before she comes.

5)      Now it is time to take all her clothes off and remove yours. (Or she may have been doing that all along). Make sure she is still wet, go back to French kissing and kissing her all over her body while playing with her virgina and clitoris with your finger. Suck her breasts again. Lick her breasts and her stomach – Make sure her virgina is soaking wet before you enter. Now it is time to enter. ( I won’t go into positions – see “Everything You Ever wanted to Know about Sex Positions” for that –  as positions will be varied from time to time depending on our mood and the girl – different people fit better in different ways.)

6)      Enter slowly, caress her close to you, hug her, hold her. Do not enter all the way at first. Use short slow strokes and only insert an inch or so then withdraw. Set up a rhythm. Slowly enter deeper, working your way up to full deep thrusts over time.

7)      Pay attention to her body signals. Women come in different ways. Some get tight and hard all over when they are getting ready to come. Others get aggressive and change into a position that is easy for them to come in with you. Other get vocal, others start sweating. Everyone is different. Know your woman and know her signals.

8)      Know your timing. Are you trying to make love for hours or all night, or all you trying to give each of you an orgasm and then end your session. Or are you trying to give her (or both of you) multiple orgasms and then call it a night. If intending to go a long time or all night, reach and withdraw from the orgasm point, so as to not quite have an orgasm until you are ready to end. If you are trying to give her (or you) multiple orgasms then depending on how she has her multiple orgasms you may need to simply keep yourself from coming until she has her orgasms. (See “How to make Sex last Longer“) or you may give her (or you) an orgasm then withdraw from sex for a while talking or playing while hugging or caressing until ready to start again. Or you may simply revert to AfterPlay until she is wet and you are hard again (See AfterPlay below).

9)      AfterPlay – Don’t end your love making on an orgasm. Follow through. Show her you love her and it is not just about sex and orgasms. Wind down with some foreplay which is now called afterplay. Kissing, hugging, kissing all over, touching, caressing, kissing. End with kissing. If you are working on multiple orgasms, afterplay can turn into foreplay and set you up for another love-making session. But even after multiple orgasms and multiple love-making sessions you will always end the whole thing with afterplay.

That is a sample of how to make love to a woman. Of course, it is done spontaneously. It is not to be memorized like a zombie or done exactly the same each time. In order to keep a relationship fresh, you have to avoid routine and habit and try new and varied techniques. But the things each of your love making sessions should always have in common are:

1)      Sensuality

2)      Lots of foreplay and afterplay

3)      Use your whole body and make love to your partners whole body.

4)      Lots of kissing.

5)      Observation – get to know your partners body and how it works.

6)      Communicate – talk to her as you make love. Say sweat nothings as well as finding out what feels good and what doesn’t. (Also talk to her about sex, when you are not having sex. It is pre-session foreplay and it is a way of finding out what is needed or wanted.)

Mr L. Rx

(c) 2007 Dating To Relating, Inc.

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