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Meet The Right Man

The Right Man – Is He Mr. Right?

Do you want the proverbial Mr. Right? Or just a good man?

Or is Mr. Right just a Good Man?Mr. Right

For some, Mr. Right is a wealthy and good looking man. Others might consider that superficial.

For others, not only is Mr. Right wealthy and good looking but he is loving and caring. Does such a beast exist?

For others yet, Mr. Right has a good heart, is loving and caring, a non-workaholic who makes a decent living, and is an excellent father and a great lover.

For the downtrodden, Mr. Right….well….he’s got a job….and doesn’t hit her too much.

Who am I? What gives me the right to opine on Mr. Right.

Well, my name is Mr. L. Rx and I write dating advice for men. But I also have three daughters and dozens of women friends. I have been giving advice to women for a long time.

But what really gives me the ability to opine on Mr. Right is the following fact. Ninety percent of the women I go out with on a first date want to go out with me again. And not only do they want to go out with me again. They are thinking relationship and marriage.

How do I know?  They have told me.

And when I go out with them for several dates, it’s a definite. I am the one continually having to end relationships because she is NOT Ms. Right.

Last time I counted I have five continually outstanding marriage proposals from women who would marry me in an instant if I just said, “Yes!”

Do I look like Brad Pitt?


Am I repulsive?


Some women might consider me attractive, while to others I am just an average guy.

The thing is when I was young and definitely “hot stuff” I could attract, but couldn’t keep, a woman for more than a single date. Hot and sexy, but definitely not Mr. Right.

Now in my fifties, after years of personal growth and improvement, I have developed the characteristics that most women are looking for in the proverbial Mr. Right.

So when I tell you the things you would have to do to get me, or a guy like me, you should listen because you will learn what to do to get and keep the kind of guy that you want.

And when myself and Mr. P. L. Ayer (a reformed player who had sex with and cheated on over 3,000 women without getting caught) reveal the secrets of men and how most men will lie, cheat, and steal just to get sex from you, you should listen, because you will learn how to spot these men and keep them out of your life, and stay on your quest to find and attract the right man for you.

When I read articles women have written about Mr. Right, time and time again they are written by women who have learned to define who is “Mr. Right” for them, but most all admit they have not found him.

Perhaps rather than labels you should be looking for a man who is right for you – not Mr. Right.

Men have a similar concept to your Mr. Right. I have written down all the features I am looking for in the ideal woman. It took me a long time to get to know myself and women well enough to come up with that list. Let’s call her Ms. Right.

Have I met her? Will I ever meet her?

I don’t know but I am looking for her. If I ever meet her I will marry her in an instant, if she will marry me.

But along with Ms. Right, I have another standard, Ms. Workable. She may not be as perfect and as ideal as Mrs. Right, but like Ms. Right if I ever met her I would marry her in a minute.

Why? Because I could create a workable marriage with her. She may not be as beautiful as Ms. Right. Her personality might have a little more “edge” to it, and we may not be as perfectly compatible as Ms. Right and I are, but the core of what I need to have a successful marriage is there.

If I meet her, I will not pass her up looking for the more perfect Ms. Right.

Now I don’t see as many women writing about Mr. Workable as Mr. Right. But if you are going to make a list of ideal features that Mr. Right would have, put a star by any feature that is an absolute must for you to have a workable and successful marriage and leave the features that are just extra frill alone and you will have simultaneously defined Mr. Workable.

If you met him could you walk on by?

That decision is yours, but in either case it is a good thing to define Mr. Workable as well as Mr. Right, because if you are going to compromise, well, know your bottom line. What I see, when it comes to compromise, is women who have given up on finding Mr. Right and are settling for anything at all rather than Mr. Workable.

Now, however we define Mr. Right, or Mr. Workable, or let’s just call him the right guy for you, we know one thing. He is the guy you want to spend your life with, not some guy hitting on you just for sex.

So the first step in finding the right man for you is to define what kind of relationship you are looking for, and what kind of attributes the ideal or workable man would have in that kind of relationship.

Next you need to stop spending time with the wrong guy.  How many of you have had a relationship go six months or even six years just to find out not only is he not Mr. Right but that it was never going to work. Did you need that? Or were there clues you ignored the very first day you meet him?

Let me answer that. There were.

There WERE clues the very first day you met him. Or in the rare case that that there weren’t any that first day, there definitely were in those first few dates, or weeks that you met him.

Stop wasting time with the wrong guy. (Unless you definitely know he is the wrong guy and you are just having a little fun fling.)

You need to learn how to read and qualify the signals that men are already giving you. Men, in general, are not very smart when it comes to communicating, emotions, and emotional perception. Men will lie to get sex. (They will even lie to themselves in order to get sex.) But that is the extent of their smarts. They are giving you signals left and right telling you what they are up to.

Women are better at reading signals, but they do have to know what to look for. When it comes to men, the biggest mistake I see is women think men think like women when it comes to interpersonal relationships. For example, women can be friends with men, so they think men can be friends with women. What women don’t realize is that the vast majority of men can’t be friends with women. The vast majority of men have no concept of what it means to be a friend with a woman. The vast majority of men are only looking for one thing. Sex! And they will say and do anything to get it.

Think about it. How many times have you turned down a man’s advances and told him you just wanted to be friends? How many times has the man said, “Okay, I’m cool with that”? And how many times has that same man a year later said “I can’t stand it any more. I am in love with you and want to have a relationship with you.” He lied because he thought if he lied you would eventually come around, and he would eventually have sex with you.

I saw an experiment on the Discovery Channel the other night. Both men and women were shown pictures of faces that were flashed on a screen in front of them for a millisecond or two. The majority of men could not even identify the image as a face. The majority of women on the other hand could not only tell that it was a face, but could tell the investigator the emotion on the face.

Quite a difference between men and women on this test.

Men are giving you signals. They are letting you know whether they are just looking for sex, or in love with you for other reasons. They are letting you know if they are cheating on you or playing you.

Use your god given abilities, women, and start reading the signals.

In the materials on this website you are going to learn about men and their signals. You are going to learn how to read men better than you ever have before. Just as we teach men how to understand women we are going to teach you how to understand men. In “Dating To Relating For Women” you will learn:

  1. You are going to learn how to qualify men on that first date. You are going to learn how to discern between a good man and a man who just wants you as an object for sex and servitude.
  2. You are going to learn where to meet good men – and it won’t be in clubs.
  3. You are going to learn how to qualify men from a distance. You are going to learn how to attract the men you want from a distance.
  4. You are going to learn how to judge if the relationship you are in can make it or not. You will know if it has potential or if you are just wasting time.
  5. You are going to learn how to get a good man to grow up. We all know that men do not mature as fast as women. You are going to learn what to do in order to speed that up.
  6. And when you get a good man or if you currently have one you are going to learn how to create a relationship for the better and keep him.
  7. You will learn what to do to get and keep a good man even if you are fat and ugly or just a Plain Jane.
  8. And much, much more….

Dating To Relating For Women” is in preparation and will  be published soon. In it you will find all your answers to how to find, attract and meet the right guy for you and how to keep him.  In the meantime if you pre-buy “Dating To Relating For Women” you will get a free copy of “Dating To Relating – From A To Z.” Even though it is a book for men I suggest you take this free offer and read it. A lot of the data applies to both sexes.

And through reading it, you will see how a good man thinks. Yes, I teach men how to pick up women, but in it you will see that I ultimately teach men how to relate to women, how to communicate to women, how not to lie to women, and how not to cheat on women.  That is why it is called “Dating To Relating.” If you got picked up by a guy trained by me, you would enjoy it.

Personally, I have had sex with a lot of women. I have had one night stands for months on end and I have had multiple sexual relationships at once. But I never lie to women about any of that, and I have never cheated on a wife or girlfriend. I just check out a lot of people in between relationships while I am looking for that next partner I can commit to.

There is a reason why 90% of the women I go out with want a relationship with me. There is a reason why Mr. P. L. Ayer has had sex with 3,000 women and cheated on them all without getting caught. Between the two of us we can answer every single question you could possibly have about how men really think and what they really want and if he’s cheating on you.

Busted! How To Spot A Player And A Cheater is already out. Find out more about it and Mr. P. L. Ayer here.

Get your pre-release copy of Dating To Relating For Women (And a free copy of “Dating To Relating From A to Z”) here.

You can read what others have to say here:  Mr. Right: Attributes of the ideal man

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