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Mr. P. L. Ayer

Mr. P. L. Ayer is a featured author

on the Dating To Relating website ( – the Internet’s second most popular “dating tip” site for men with over 1,000,000 unique visitors per month), the author of “BUSTED: How to Spot a Player and A Cheater” (available on the website and at, and the author of “The Secrets of Men” (available on the website and at, and the author of the eReport “How To Get A Woman in 7 Days.”

In high school, Mr. P. L. Ayer witnessed the power that his brother, who was 13 years older than him, had on women. Impressed, Mr. P. L. Ayer determined to develop within himself the power and ability to do the same. In college, Mr. P. L. Ayer joined the fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi, a fraternity known for being womanizers. Through the passage of time and the conquests of hundreds of young ladies which would become thousands in adulthood, Mr. P. L. Ayer developed the understanding necessary to successfully seduce and have sex with almost any woman that he set his sights on.

Once out of college, Mr. P. L. Ayer realized the consequences of his actions and regretted the hurt that he had caused but continued to value the experience and lessons gained. Life took a dramatic turn for Mr. P. L. Ayer when he married and the two children that came out of that union were two daughters. Mr. P. L. Ayer realized that he now had to protect his daughters from the very same players that he had been for most of his life.

With a full understanding of men and the way that they play the game of love, sex, romance, and dating, Mr. P. L. Ayer began to give free advice to many of his female friends with astonishing results. After the desire for such information proved insatiable, Mr. P. L. Ayer was convinced by one of his best girlfriends that he should write a book to tell the truth as opposed to most popular books on men who sugar coat the truth or just mislead women in to thinking that men think like women do.

With Mr. P. L. Ayer’s books and reports you will be given the truth in a way that is easy to understand, colorful in the way it is written and full of life’s experiences that will drive all of the points home. With the knowledge that Mr. P. L. Ayer will provide for you, you will be much more causative and successful in your conquests, your desires to truly understand your partner, and your ability to create or maintain relationships that will last.

Mr. P. L. Ayer is a firm believer in the creation of healthy and committed relationships wherein both parties do truly enjoy the relationship and each other.

Mr. P. L. Ayer writes exclusively for Dating To Relating.

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